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Sorbitan Olivate
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1. Cleanser (Cosmetics) - Improves the cleansing properties of water
2. Emulsifier - Allows water and oils to remain mixed together to form an emulsion.
3. Surfactant - Reduces the surface tension to allow mixtures to be formed evenly. Emulsifier is a specific type of surfactant which allows two liquids to mix together evenly
Sorbitan Olivate is a unique natural PEG-free emulsifier from Olive oil. It is a mixture of the fatty acids from olive oil plus a dehydrated sugar known as sorbitol. Sorbitan olivate may be synthetic or plant-derived. It functions as an emulsifier and mild cleansing agent. Sorbitan-derived ingredients are considered safe for use on skin. it facilitates the retention of skin moisture and increases the active ingredient's resistance to water and/or sweat.
Sorbitan Olivate is most often used in conjunction with cetearyl olivate. It is often used in several personal care products such as facial moisturizer, conditioner, anti-aging treatment, sunscreen, shaving cream, eye cream, lip gloss, cleanser, skin fader, scar treatment and body firming lotion.

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