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1. Anti-caking Agent - Prevents lumps from forming in food due to excess water. They usually function as a water repellent or by absorbing excess moisture.
A natural compound of silicon and oxygen found mostly in sand. Usually used in the form of its prepared white powder chiefly in the manufacture of glass, water glass, ceramics, and abrasives. It is used as an anti-caking agent in powdered foods such as spices and non-dairy coffee creamer. In cosmetics, its useful for its light-diffusing properties and natural absorbency. Hydrated silica is used in toothpaste as a hard abrasive to remove tooth plaque. [1]
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Safety and Hazards (UN GHS):

1. Harmful if swallowed (H302)
2. May be harmful if swallowed (H303)
3. Causes skin irritation (H315)
4. Causes serious eye irritation (H319)
5. Fatal if inhaled (H330)
6. Harmful if inhaled (H332)
7. May cause respiratory irritation (H335)
8. Suspected of causing genetic defects (H341)
9. May cause cancer (H350)
10. Suspected of causing cancer (H351)
11. May cause damage to organs (H371)
12. Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure (H372)
13. Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure (H373)

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