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Parfum; Fragrance/Perfume
(in 114,845 products)

Potential Risk Index®:

ISCE InhaleISCE SwallowISCE ContactISCE Environment
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1. Fragrance / Fragrance Component - Provides or enhances a particular smell or odor.
"Fragrance" or alike is not an individual ingredient, but it refers to a range of natural and synthetic compounds. As there are no clear guidelines or disclosures of the compositions of fragrances, consumers should be aware of its potential unknown health effects. Some manufacturers have chosen to reveal their fragrance compositions, hence their fragrances will show up as "Fragrance (Vetted)" instead, indicating that 1Source has thoroughly vetted their formula.
Our Fragrance Rating is calculated in a theoretical and sample manner.
Fragrances are based on the 4 families of the fragrance wheel: Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh. This is further split into their chemical representatives so a theoretical Fragrance rating can be determined. Fragrance taxonomist Michael Edwards created the version of the fragrance wheel used.
Some manufacturers provide component ingredients which constitutes their Fragrance recipes through SmartLabel®. After the ingredients have been rated individually, a proprietary formula is used to determine Fragrance rating.
The theoretically calculated Fragrance rating and the long-running average of Fragrance recipes found proved to be identical.
Although Fragrance tend to be harmless for most, extra precautions should be taken for those who suffer from skin allergies.
Fun facts:
A person who cannot see is blind, a person who cannot smell is anosmic
If you cannot smell, you also cannot taste your food. Hence anosmic people are also ageusic
Ambergris, extracted from the intestines of a sperm whale, was once used as a fragrance component
COVID-19 patients may suffer from parosmia, where the smell of odors has been distorted

Potential Health Concerns For:

1. Dermatitis, Allergic Contact (PubMed ID:16823706)
2. Hypersensitivity (PubMed ID:23136956)
3. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (PubMed ID:17075259)

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