E558; Bentonite
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1. Absorbent - Absorbs and soaks up liquids
2. Anti-caking Agent - Prevents lumps from forming in food due to excess water. They usually function as a water repellent or by absorbing excess moisture.
3. Anti-foaming Agent / Defoamer - Reduces or hinders the formation of foam.
4. Bulking Agent - Non-nutritious or inactive substances added to increase stability of the mixture.
5. Fragrance / Fragrance Component - Provides or enhances a particular smell or odor.
6. Suspending Agent - Promotes particle suspension or dispersion while reducing sedimentation
7. Viscosity Controlling Agent - Maintains or alters the thickness of a liquid, mostly used in cosmetics
Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. The main uses of bentonite are for drilling mud, binder, purifier, absorbent, and as a groundwater barrier. Bentonite has also been prescribed as a bulk laxative, and it is also used as a base for many dermatologic formulas.
In food industry, it can be used as anti-caking agent with E number 558. However, it is not approved to use as food additive in EU. It is generally recognized as safe food substance in US.
Scientific References:
Regulatory References:
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Potential Health Benefits For:

1. Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury (PubMed ID:26115597)
2. Micronuclei, Chromosome-Defective (PubMed ID:26115597)
3. Weight Loss (PubMed ID:25296281)

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