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E1450; Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate
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1. Binder / Stabilizer - Retains the physical characteristics of food/cosmetics and ensure the mixture remains in an even state.
2. Emulsifier - Allows water and oils to remain mixed together to form an emulsion.
3. Gelling Agent / Thickener - Increases the viscosity by thickening the liquid to give it more texture
Starch sodium octenyl succinate is prepared by treating starch with octenyl succinic anhydride (succinic acid and octanol). It is predominately used as a thickener and emulsifier for products containing oil-in-water emulsions, and is easily soluble in cold liquids. It effectively disperses oils and fats in sauces, improves color and taste, avoids de-mixing, remains unchanged when food is frozen and thawed and extends the shelf-life of products. [1]
It is approved to use as food additive (E1450) in EU and generally recognized as safe substance in US.
Scientific References:
Regulatory References:
1. EU Approved Food Additive [2018]
- E1450
2. Japan’s List of Designated Food Additives under Article 10 of the Food Sanitation Act
- Starch Sodium Octenyl Succinate

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