E402; Potassium Alginate
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1. Binder / Stabilizer - Retains the physical characteristics of food/cosmetics and ensure the mixture remains in an even state.
2. Emulsifier - Allows water and oils to remain mixed together to form an emulsion.
3. Gelling Agent / Thickener - Increases the viscosity by thickening the liquid to give it more texture
Potassium alginate is the potassium salt of alginic acid. It is an extract of seaweed.
Potassium alginate is used in many products including custard mixes, yoghurt, jelly, flavoured milk, artificial sweetener base, canned icing, cheese, as well as being used in slimming aids and indigestion tablets. It is also used for low-salt/sodium products. It has E number 402.
It is approved to use as food additive in EU and generally recognized as safe food substance in US.
Scientific References:
Regulatory References:
1. US FDA Food Additives Status List [2018]
2. EU Approved Food Additive [2018]
3. US FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Food Substances (21 CFR 184) [2017]

Safety and Hazards (UN GHS):

1. Causes serious eye irritation (H319)

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