5 Things Eczema Sufferers Should Carry In Their Bag

5 Things Eczema Sufferers Should Carry In Their Bag

Those with Eczema will understand the struggle of going out and finding suitable products to use in public places, so here are 5 Things Eczema Sufferers should carry in their bag.

1. Hand Soap

Things Eczema Sufferers should carry in their bag. – Hand Soap

Most if not all public hand soaps are not catered for sensitive skin users. They can have harsh ingredients for you skin that will cause irritation and flare ups. Bringing your own hand soap should be an essential item in your bag.

In the current pandemic, hand sanitisers and other antibacterial gels can dry out Eczema and even causing it to become more severe because of ingredients like alcohol which is contained in them. Washing your hands with your own portable hand soap with lukewarm water is a better option to keep your hands clean and moisturised.

What hand soaps are best to use? Any soaps that is clear of fragrances and dyes are the ones to go for. There are decent brands out there, but use the ones your skin is familiar with and proven to be effective. Put a small amount in a travel size container for your bag.

2. Moisturising Lotion

Things Eczema Sufferers Should Carry In Their Bag – Travelling Moisturising Kit

If this ain’t in your bag already, then you should be thinking twice about your battle with Eczema!

We should moisturise every time we wash our hands, arms or even our face. When the skin is dry, it is more prone to cracking and to infection. Retaining moisture is one of the most important goals when you have severe Eczema, so make sure you have a small bottle of moisturising lotion in your bag!

The best moisturiser to carry around is a smaller version of what you use at home. No moisturiser has the same results for all. Other products you can have instead of moisturising lotions:

  • Hand creams. Fragrance-free hand creams with the National Eczema Association seal of approval may be thicker than lotions, but have the essential oils to seal in moisturiser.
  • Petroleum jelly. Another alternative to retain moisture. It is heavy with a thick texture, but good for patches of skin.

There is no excuse to not use the same moisturiser in your travels. Simply get a small bottle or travel kit from a drugstore and fill it up with your moisturiser from home!

3. Bandages and Plasters

Things Eczema Sufferers Should Carry In Their Bag – Plasters

Bandages and plasters should always be in your bag to keep you from scratching a red and dry area of your Eczema. It can stop infection when the skin has cracked, and even worse if there is an open wound.

It is not recommended to put a dry bandage on an infected area of Eczema. The skin can stick to the bandage, resulting in a painful tear away. You can get special wet bandages from your dermatologist which you can carry, and apply them on your travels if need be. Partnered with a travelling moisturiser, bandages are an essential item to have if you have Eczema that is prone to infection.

4. Stress-Relieving Eczema Items

Things Eczema Sufferers Should Carry In Their Bag – Stress Ball

Seriously, stress relieving items can be the thing that stops Eczema sufferers from causing their skin to fatigue. We often forget that our mental health affects our physical health. Some of the best treatments for our Eczema is not what we put on, but what we take in.

Reducing stress can do wonders for our skin, and we should have any stress-relieving items that will get us back on track.

  • Fidget cubes or spinners. These items have become more popular in the last decade and is an excellent way to occupy your hands and mind.
  • Stress balls. The ‘original’ stress-relieving item that can take away stress and anxiety. Easy to carry around.
  • Play-Doh. A less known method but play-doh can relieve stress with the kneading motions we use. It is something we used to use as a child to occupy our minds, and for an adult it can go a long way.

5. Wet Wipes

Things Eczema Sufferers should carry in their bag. – Wet Wipes

Wet wipes can be used effectively, especially in hot countries if you have the right product. Avoid any wet wipes with meythlchloroisothiazolinone or MCI for short, as it is one ingredient that can cause rashes. If you want to know whether the wet wipe has any harmful ingredients or not, I highly suggest you use 1Source.com to analyze the product for you.

When we are out and about, eating or evening exercising, there is always a need for wet wipes. Although it can be provided by restaurants and being quite accessible in general, we need to ensure that what we are using on our skins is generally safe.

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