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Janeclare Enzyme Deep Cleansing Cream 珍凱麗 酵素深層清潔霜

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Papain is a natural, plant-based alternative to the chemical exfoliants. It is an enzyme present in nature that catalyzes the breakdown of dead skin cells. The enzyme encourages not only the dissolvent of dead skin cells, but also encourages the clear-up of impurities, surface sebum and stubborn dirt in the pores, thus tightening and shrinking pores. lt is also a gentle treatment to acne problems and accelerates its healing. Olive oil provides notable hydrating and nourishing properties, which re-pair, smoothen and protect vulnerable skin. This no-rub formula is a gentle and non-irritating approach to peeling, while leaving clean and refreshed skin perfectly prepared for your favorite serum and moisturizer with advance results.
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